Guide Dogs for the Blind Visit!

This term the whole school had a project on the Paralympics. We’ve had lots of visitors and one of them was from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Deirdre (with Quinn the dog) and Pamela (with Adam the dog) came in and talked to us about the charity. They chose volunteers to show us how difficult it would be to be blind. For example they put blindfolds on some people and asked them to walk around the classroom, they gave them a white guide stick. Josh got to try it out and he said it was easier than he thought. Then they told us that we can support guide dogs by giving money to the charity because the cost of a band on just one of the leads was £5 and so they asked us please could we give what we could. Also they gave each class a small bottle, to fill up with coppers. The P4/5 bottle was over full, so people had to bring their coppers in little Tesco bags so they wouldn’t fall down the radiator! The whole school had a great experience and we would love to see them again.
By George and Niall