Health Committee Annual Review

In 2012-2013 the Health Committee have worked together to do the following:

• We chose one global and one local charity to support – Comic Relief and Guide Dogs for the Blind.
• We had a snack survey to see the choices pupils were making with their snacks and we contacted a local greengrocers to get prices for fruit to consider having a healthy snack day.
• We made an ICT charter for the computer suite to remind people about their rights and responsibilities when using computers.
• We redid the Lunch Hall charter as the other one went missing
• We tried to organise a new playground rota, to include new games like Handball but it didn’t really work. The Peer Supporters have taken over the role of creating a new one.
• We are really proud to have organised the first ever Highland Games at St. Mary’s to celebrate our Scottish Culture and this was held on Burns Day. We hope to have another one.
• We organised a fun day to raise money for Comic Relief. We made a joke book and sold it to pupils and asked pupils to donate money to come to school in red clothes. We raised awareness of this by doing an assembly for the nursery and then another assembly for the whole school. We raised £252.01!
• We looked at and amended a playground rubric which we plan to launch to the school in May 2013
• We will also be helping organise Sports Day and we plan to have a special sponsored event to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Plans for the future
• We want to do another snack survey to see if the school is healthier or not!
• We want to provide the classes with more information about the importance of healthy snacks.
• We would love to do another Highland Games.
• Keep sharing information about Rights and being a Rights Respecting School (possibly a special Rights event)
• Create a Health Award (linked to playground or lunch hall behaviour?)
• Develop Playground Rubric
• More input from Active Stirling, especially for playground games.

Our views on our committee
Everybody has worked together really hard and given lots of exceptional ideas, some of which we have taken forward. It has been really worthwhile and we are proud of what we have achieved. We would recommend keeping the number of meetings (once a week) the same for next year, as we always have loads to do! The only thing we would try to change would be the time because it would be nice to have more ideas from the nursery. It would also be good to have a Health suggestion box in each class so that everybody can make suggestions, even if they’re not on the committee. It is great that pupils run the committees because it’s a good experience and they have loads of great ideas but it is also important to have the adults helping us to make our ideas happen.

Alban Sayers (P6), Eve Tarvit (P6) and Fraser Barrell (P6)