Healthy Start!

For the first three weeks of term the whole school focussed on a Healthy start. This was a great way to start the year as we finished off last term learning all about the Olympics and their values and we now started the year learning about the Paralympics and their values too.
Over the first few weeks we had amazing opportunities to try out various sports, such as Boccia, blind football, sitting volleyball, swimming and goal ball. We learned new skills and rules for these sports and also we now appreciate the hard work and dedication Paralympic athletes put in to their sport. We found the activities difficult to do when we were participating. We used blindfolds, were not allowed to use our legs and even tried swimming without the use of one or two of our limbs.
At the end of the three weeks we had a sports day. It was to use the skills we have learnt over the past few weeks. We were in our houses for the fun sports competitions which was a mini Paralympics day, making use of skills we have built up in the past few weeks.
By Sophie