High Visibility Day

High Visibility Day was a huge success! Everybody came dressed in their brightest clothes possible! It was so bright you would need to wear your sunglasses.

First of all we had a talk from the lollypop man Eric he works on Perth road. We were taught to wear bright clothes for the dark nights coming up.

Eric then helped us to judge ‘Who was wearing the brightest outfit’ competition. We had a look round the hall and tried to decide on two winners. Originally we were only going to have one part to the competition but had to have finalists as it was such a hard decision. There were two categories; primary 1-3 and primary 4-7, the winner of each won an ecological cow torch (basically it was a torch that looked like a cow.)

We had another competition, this time there wasn’t as many entries but still it was a hard decision. The winners of this competition got the same prize as the others, the cow torch.

Altogether it was a great day and it was a fun way to get the message across.