Jokes and Riddles!!



1Q. what is white, black and red all over?     A. A zebra with sunburn!

 2Q.What Mountain never stops?        A. Mt Neverest         

 3Q.Why did the chicken join the band?  A. He had a great pair of  Drumsticks.


   4Q.What goes ha ha thump?                      A. A monster laughing its head off!



1Q.A man lives on the 50th floor of a 50 floor building. one morning when he goes to work he would go down to the bottom floor he would leave to go to work and when he returned he would always go to floor 25 and walk the rest, but on a rainy day he would always go up all the way  in the lift why?

 He was a Dwarf and on rainy days he would have his umbrella open to tap the 50th button!

By Alex P (P6) and Rory (P5)