Keir’s House Morning

Making Handwashing Reminders

Making Handwashing Reminders

Friday the 2nd of October all the houses did a House morning.

Keir first of all made posters about healthy eating.

That took us up until snack. Then after that we watched a DVD about washing our hands properly. When that finished, we got very messy because, we hand printed on to paper with paint to make a poster to tell people to wash their hands. When the paint dried we stuck posters on from a package that Mrs. Paterson gave us.

When everyone had finished painting we had to wash our hands properly and Mrs. Kinvig would know if we succeeded because we would have not the tiniest speck of paint on our hands. All of us passed so we all became hand washing agents with our passes and stickers.


Keir had the best fun ever!



By the Captains of Keir