Keir House News

For Keir’s house morning Kelly from Carbon Neutral Stirling came in to talk to us about Travel miles. We learnt that using more local food is better than using food from abroad especially when we can get it from just down the road. We learnt about road safety and how we can make our roads safer for children. We can use a walking bus or put down speed bumps, islands, and lots more!

After play time we went to the Laighills. We played on the slides, the roundabout and on the climbing frame. We got a lot of fresh air and it made our house morning fun. After going to the Laighills, Alice had an idea of having a whole morning at the Laighills and have a HEALTHY picnic there on our last house morning.

Over all Keir really enjoyed it and that’s all that really matters!

By the House captains of Keir