Keir House News

We have now had two house mornings; Keir has had great fun on both of them.

 On Friday the 6th November we had the second house morning. First Em from Keep Scotland Beautiful came in to talk to us about Carbon Footprint. After her power-point she asked us a couple of questions to make sure the information had sunk in to our brains. Then, she made stickers with us about saving energy and water. Em took some away with her to turn into proper stickers (as the ones we made had blue-tack on the back to keep them sticky).  All that took us up to snack time.

After snack we allocated each member of Keir a recipe that we will put on the website to illustrate. We noticed fantastic drawing skills from primary one all the way up to primary seven.

We then did a fitness competition.  We all had to do as many jump squats as possible in 20 seconds (it’s way harder than it sounds, honestly!) this will be carrying on throughout all house mornings, and we will see if we can improve how many we can do. It was all great fun and we hope all of Keir are looking forward to the next house morning.