Kippenross – Biodiversity

Kippenross House’s new Eco Responsibility is Biodiversity, which means plants and wildlife.

The change we have made is that we now have House Mornings, instead of House Meetings. We have been having one almost every month. They have varied in themes from Bees to Bats, and from wildlife to planting. We have been doing things like having visitors in and going out to look at wildlife to learn.

October – Bees
In the first house morning we had a visit from Mr Goulson from Stirling University, who gave us a talk about the problems bees are facing and how we can help them. We then had some fun by making bees out of egg cartons, making bee puppets and playing a bee game.

November – Plants
In the second house morning we started of by going for a walk up to Holme Hill for a scavenger hunt. When we came back we watched a video about Charles Darwin, the plant explorer, and then some people went to play games on the computer about plant life, and everyone else made animal food chain mobiles.

December – Bats
In the third house morning we did a project on bats. First we had a visit from Anne Youngman from the Bat Conservation Trust, who told us about bats and their struggles, and showed us what it’s like by letting us pretend to be bats for a bit too. Afterwards we made some bats out of cardboard.

March – Bats Follow up
Then in the next Eco Morning we did a follow up project on bats, when Anne came back in and brought with her Bruce Crawford (MSP) and some people from various news papers. First of all, Anne gave a short introduction on what we were going to do, why we were doing it, and who else will be joining us. Then we decorated labels for plant pots. After that Robert Henderson and Ron Graham arrived and some of us made bat boxes, and some of us started planting seeds. Then after break we finished off the bat boxes and planted the rest of the seeds.

May – Plants
For the May House Morning we did a bit about planting and plants.  For the first part of the morning we all went for a walk up to Holmehill for a Scavenger Hunt. We all got into pairs and each pair got given a sheet with all the letters of the alphabet on them, and had to find something beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Like trees for T, Pinecone for P, and grass for G. Then when we all went back up to school we went over all the answers everyone had got.

Then some people planted some Bee seeds that were left-over from the Bee Morning, and the others were restoring the Bug Hotel, re-painting some of the signs in the garden, and helping Cromlix pick up litter.

We have recently been given a grant from the Double Tree Hotel up the road. We are very grateful for this grant and plan to use it to put new flower and bugs and beasties plagues on the railings at the front of the school.

Our House Captains for next year are Stuart and Lara. The things they plan to do are to have a school competition to design things to go on the railings, and an idea is to have themed House Mornings in all houses. (i.e. music, sport, outdoors, etc, etc,)

We think that all children, in all classes, are enjoying the activities that we are doing in the House and are continuing the good work outside school.

by Louise and Dugal (House Captains)