Memorable Mile – Sport Relief!

On the 19th March we had a sports relief day. The Health Committee decided we should do a ‘Memorable Mile.’

Everyone came dressed in fancy dress costumes and we also had to run, skip, jump, hop or anything like that for a mile. I think we can all agree it was pretty tiring! We didn’t do it in the playground as it was going to be too small so we did it up at the Double Tree (The Hydro) so we would like to thank them for the use of the space.

Sports Relief Socks
The Sports Relief socks were very popular! Dunblane High School were doing Sports Relief too so they helped us with the socks to get more people involved.

We had three competitions which were judged by the teachers and the High School Pupils. The Contests were:

  1. The Biggest Smile Whilst Running
  2. The Most Inventive “sock wearing”
  3. The Best Fancy Dress

Our Winners were, Charles, P2, for the biggest smile, Kirsty, P7, for the wearing the most socks all over her top!!! Our final prize went to Holly, P3, for her beautiful fancy dress costume.