Merlyn Diamond!

Have you ever dreamt of being an Olympic athlete? Well, Merlyn Diamond from Namibia had that dream and now she’s going to hopefully qualify for the Olympics.

Our school has been picked for a BBC project. We have been linked to a school in Namibia. Mrs Currie went down to London and went and met up with Merlyn Diamond and other people from the BBC. She came to St Mary’s on the 18th of January and she went into P2/3 where the 1’s, 2’s and 3’s were waiting excitedly for her to come in. After that we all went outside to get a huge photo of the school and Merlyn. After those photos she came into an excited P6/7 where the p4,5,6 and 7’s were waiting. Josh Whitehead and Rory Reid – Kay were very excited! We got to ask Merlyn questions about why she wanted to become a sprinter and what it is like. Merlyn is recovering from an injury at the moment. We also asked her how fast she can run—11.2s for the 100 metres sprint! Wow!

By David and Rory