Molly’s Garden

As part of the Nursery’s Health week the children all walked to Mrs Holmes house. On the way to the house they saw a roller, because some men were doing work on a path. When they got there they played with some toys. There was lots to choose from:

A slide

A swing

A trampoline

Basket ball and hoop

go kart

Dumper truck

Skipping rope

Swing ball

Water tray

roller skates

Dolly and pram

After all of that tiring playing they had a snack of fruit salad and then a small cup cake. To finish off they played with some more toys then walked back to nursery.

Some of their favourite bits were “playing on the roller skates  and on the trampoline and of course  “the smartie on top of the cup of the cup cake”

By Kirsty H.