Oh, help! Oh, no! It’s The St. Mary’s Gruffalo Show!

The St. Mary’s Gruffalo Show

Writing the script …

Jack, Frieda, Molly, Elodie and Julika volunteered to be part of a Literacy Group to  develop and write the script for the Gruffalo show.

Thinking about characters … demonstrating how Mouse might feel on meeting Fox for the first time in the forest.

                                     Molly demonstrating sly Fox.


Rehearsing our roles …

The children learned their lines, where to position themselves on stage, when they should talk and  how a stage performance is created and performed using music, microphones and lighting.







Practising dance routines …

We did lots of practising!




Creating scenery ….

The children designed and created most of the scenery for the show.  The children made ‘skirts’ for their chairs which they then decorated, as well as making flowers to decorate the front of the stage.






Making costumes ….

The children helped to create and decorate some of their own costumes, discussing colours and drawing designs for costumes, cutting out fabrics, painting petals …








Making props ….

The children helped to decorate a large tree for the forest, brilliantly created for us by Mr. Kelly, a Nursery parent.  The children worked as a team to create ‘the nut’ using a balloon and papier- mache, before painting it.







Advertising our show …

Our show poster – designed by the children and very kindly produced for us by Arthur’s Dad.  The children decided we needed to have a programme for the audience and discussed what should be included in it.









Getting ready for the big day …

Costumes and make-up – assisted by our wonderful parents and helpers.









The BIG performance!

We learned to say ‘break a leg’ to wish each other luck before a performance!