Early on in May many of the schools in and around Dunblane took part in an orienteering festival. We walked from our school to the Leigh Hills, where the festival was to be held.  We met up with the other schools. Then Pam, the Active Stirling coordinator for Dunblane, explained that we would all be split up into different groups and mingle with the other children. We were each given a sticker saying either, Paths, Boulders, Crags, Contours or the Controllers.

 Then there were five activities that each of the groups had to complete. They all involved reading a map and working with group members. The first activity was reading a line map and following the directions around the play park, the next activity was to follow a map around the skateboard park reporting back with the letters we found. After that we were given paper and pencil and we had to write down the co-ordinates of the various points marked around the park. Then we all stopped for a well deserved snack before completing the final two activities, where gain we had to follow maps around the Leigh Hills and write down the coordinates.

Finally we sat down in our schools and listened to Pam explaining that we would get certificates from Active Stirling when she dropped them off at .the school and she thanked us for participating, she hope we all enjoyed it.  Which we did.

By Rachel