P1 go to the Safari Park!

On the 18th of April the P1 went to Blair Drummond Safari Park and they did A LOT!!! They all had favourite animals: Murdo said that he liked the “TIGERS” and Molly liked the tigers too! Simeon liked the “Bison”. Chiara enjoyed seeing the “Elephants,” and Jamie liked the “Turkey called Jack,” which was the name they gave the turkey that followed them to see the penguins and the meerkats. Then after they had seen all of those animals they went to the sea lion show. The sea lions were called Bella and Lola. There was also a blind sea lion who was retired. One of their favourite parts of the show was when the sea lion Lola jumped up and touched a ball that was attached to the ceiling with her nose. “They were very loud!” said Ailis. They also went on the monkey boat ride and saw a chimpanzee called Chippy. They also saw a red river hog. One of the most colourful animals that they saw was the peacock.

By Laura T