P1’s Water Week!

During Water Week the P1s have been up to a lot.  Mrs Imrie from Dunblane High School came to talk to P1 about water science. They did lots of experiments and learnt a lot.

Two ladies from Deep Sea World came to talk to P1 about marine life and how people are polluting our oceans and seas. For a surprise they brought some animals from deep sea world including a starfish, sea urchin and a crab. They all said it was really fun to see all the animals.

They all learnt about the water cycle and how it works, so hopefully they can tell everyone what the water cycle is!

They went to the Highland Spring factory to learn how they bottle the water and they thought it was very interesting. We got some quotes from some P1’s:

Cameron- “We got see the factory and it had lots of machines!”

Phoebe-Rose- “We got given two bottles of Highland Spring water!”

They all had lots of fun and now have lots of knowledge about water.

By Erin and Laura