P5/6 Jackson Pollock Art!

Have you ever heard of Jackson Pollock? I know p5/6 have! P5/6 were doing a Jackson Pollock art project and lets agree it got VERY messy honestly the pitch was covered in paint! I think it took about one or two weeks to fully clear of. First we got to choose if we wanted to do it with a partner or by ourselves obviously a lot of people chose to do it with their friends but who didnt see that coming? So then we got one or two bits of A3 paper , and it was REALLY windy so we had to find things to hold the paper down, most of us used paint bottles but that didnt really work because we needed to use the paint so it ended up like a game of twister! Jackson Pollock always layered his paintings so, so did we! Anyway it all ended up in a BIG BIG BIG mess and our hands were like paint pots so we had to clean them(if we could) i think there is still paint under peoples nails! But by a surprise the paint came out of some of our clothes! In the end we all had great fun!Jackson Pollock Art 078

By Victoria P6