P6/7 Orienteering!

On the 22nd March P6/7 went to the Laighills at 9:30 to do the orienteering festival. The weather was absolutely outstanding and everybody was roasted. There were five groups: CRAGS, BOULDERS, CONTOURS, COMPASSES and PATHS and there were five activities. All of them used the entire park, including the skate park, football pitch and just the normal park with all the slides and equipment.

When we got there we lined up beside the other schools and then we were all called round and put into the different groups. We left all of our water bottles, jackets and our snacks where we were lined up and we went to our groups.

When we all arrived at the different groups we were told what to do, given a pencil and some paper, and a map and we were set off and left to do the course in our group. When you finished the course you came back to the group leader and got a new map. We all got a chance to do all the different activities and they were all lots of fun. When we came back to school we were all exhausted.

By Kirsty