P6/7 Wall Displays

Earth Science

Miss Garnham is doing a project with P6/7 on rocks and earth they looked at types of rocks and erosion like chemical, biological, whether and physical. They looked at different types of rocks like; metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary. This week they were looking mainly at erosion. They went out into the local area to look for examples. They were in groups. Each group had a camera and were told to take four pictures. One close-up and one wide shot of each example.

Earlier in the project, they went up to the Leigh hills to find their own special rock or stone. Every one chose a rock, but the next day some people came in with their rocks dressed in ballet dresses and wearing lip-gloss.

Proud to be Scottish

The proud to be Scottish wall was a core homework activity for the whole class and everyone bought theirs in and they were all different some were small and took up a little space, and some were A3 but they were all on why they were proud to be Scottish or why they are proud to live In Scotland. It was also respecting p6/7’s rights.

Fabulous fraction frenzy

On the wall opposite the white board in p6/7 there is the fabulous fraction frenzy wall.  

Made by p6/7 who designed and build all the displayed, and used creativity to make fractions fun for them. Fraction is the p6/7’s currant maths topic. On the wall there is;

  • the fraction wall
  • the fraction cake
  • luigi’s fraction pizzeria
  • proper and improper fractions
  • fraction pizzas
  • numerators and denominators

By Jack