P6/7’s Busy Start!

Primary 6/7 have enjoyed a busy start to their topic work focusing on WWII. So far Mrs Boldt (who is Mia Shanks’s gran), came in to tell the children of her time in Germany during the Nazi invasion. The boys and girls were sucked in to her story and could have listened all day because it was so interesting.

Mr Smith from the Smith Museum came in to the class room to be a scary teacher from 1939. He made everyone recite the alphabet, lakes in America and the continents of the world. The tables in the class were set up in twos and children had to sing the national anthem. The hardest lesson of all was to remember all King Henry VIII’s wives.
Another fun lesson followed in the same week when S6 pupils from Queen Victoria school demonstrated a drill activity during P.E. This included marching, saluting and turning. This had to be done in sync while shouting timings. Although this was fun it was hard work and repetitive.

By Sophie Wood & Ben Tullis