Poetry competition winners and performers

P1070796 P1070802 P1070813 P1070815 P1070816 P1070819 P1070820We started off at school waiting to go to Falkirk and we were all excited but  we had nerves.  We got on the bus to Falkirk. We were chatting and practicing our poems. The reason why we went to Falkirk is because we got chosen for the Scottish poems we got given for homework.   We tried very hard but there were  only two winners in each class so Archie, Madeleine, Jade ,Aurora , Phyllis , Eve , Pippa , Finn , Livia , Ardan  and Gabby all won.

We performed for the judges and they all liked us.  Then they said who won out of primary 1, 2/3,  4/5  and 6/7 . One person out of St. Mary’s won two trophies it was a girl called Jade Driver. Jade got a small Robert Burns trophy and one massive trophy that said Hunter trophy  Primary  4/5. Jade was soooooo! excited and  was buzzing and so happy!:)

by Jade and Phyllis.