Pupil Council Update May 2013

As the pupil council we have bought the buddy bench and people are using it well.
The pupil council this year helped design a new points system. We have to earn points that count towards a big prize for your House. The pupils really like this because the prizes are good and it is fair. We could make the points system even better next year, by reminding the teachers to give us points for good behaviour and for effort as well as our achievements.

This year we have linked with a girls school in Calcutta. We have just started this link and the Pupil Council are busy making a movie about our school to send to them.

The Pupil Council organised a whole school survey about what makes our school great and how we could make it better.
We decided that what made our school great was that at St Mary’s we feel that it is a safe and happy place to learn. Our teachers are all very kind, helping you to improve, and supporting you when you make mistakes. We know it’s alright to make mistakes. Our teachers care about our rights, thoughts and feelings. Our teachers include us in everything that we do here at St Mary’s. Pupil choice is important and staff are there to listen to you no matter what. There is never a problem too big or too small.

We are like a big family at St Mary’s. You always have fun at playtimes because there is always someone to play with. We all help each other and are very friendly. There is always a lot to do in the school. During our Responsibility Times we all help with committees like our Pupil Council, Peer Supporters, Health committee, House Captains, Acorn Media group, and Global Citizen group, our Master classes are great fun too.

To make our school even better the survey from the classes told us that pupils would like
More whole school trips, so we organised to go to the National Museum of Scotland in Chamber Street, everybody loved this. The Pupil Council will try to help organise another whole school trip next year, I wonder where we will go?
Pupils wanted more of a choice over Master Classes, so the Pupil Council organised a survey to see what classes the teachers could organise for us. This list will be used for next year.

Pupils felt that they wanted more art opportunities throughout the whole school.
Pupils also wanted to provide an area for our younger children to play with the mud as people felt that the school garden was becoming a bit messy.
The survey also showed that we need to try and make activities that are played on the pitch fairer so that it wasn’t always football, but people had the chance to play different sports. The Pupil will discuss this with our Health Committee to try and fix this and make a better charter

At the moment the Pupil Council are busy planning our Community picnic and we have decided that the theme for this is “A day at the beach.” Hopefully it will be sunny.

Another group in the Pupil Council have joined up with the Global Citizens group to help plan and make a mud kitchen in our playground. We hope to have this ready before the end of the summer term.