Pupil Council Update


The Pupil Council have a very important job, dealing with the school’s funds and we now have a budget for the school, classes, houses and committees. We have already had our first request from Cromlix for money to pay for new litter pickers.

 Pupil Surveys/ Action Plan

We have also collated all of the pupil surveys and made an action plan based on the results. Our actions are:

  • To make sure that everyone is getting on well with their learning.
  • To make sure that staff talk to pupils about their learning.
  • To make sure staff are supportive about what pupils are saying.
  • Make sure pupils are encouraged to choose healthy food and activity choices.
  • To make sure everyone is happy with the way the Activity afternoons are being run.
  • So that everyone knows what out of school activities and Youth groups are on in the Area.

 Anti Bullying Policy

Some of the older members of the Council met up with Pupil Council members from the Dunblane Cluster and discussed a new anti bullying policy that we will introduce in all the schools.

Our aims are:

  • To have an all-round message that includes all the schools and places in the Dunblane area.
  • To let everyone know what bullying is about and what it can do.
  • To have a no-nonsense approach to bullying – Once is enough.
  • To have lessons to learn how to ‘bounce back’.
  • To create a fixed way to report bullying all around Dunblane.
  • To put a stop to bullying.

Success Criteria for Group work

We have been making sure that each class has their own success criteria fro what makes an excellent Group Discussion. They are now being used in classes whenever they are working in Groups.

By Sophie (Pupil Council Member)