School Achievements!

The school has recently won two awards. One of them was for having the most creative idea for weighing the waste in lunch halls.  The trophy was made out of spoons, forks and a cup. It was all recycled things. We were in the final against a school from Portugal and a school from Sweden. We were all very excited when we found out that we won! The competition was held in Brussels, Belgium so Mrs Paterson had to fly over to be able to find out the results. The next award was for walking the most average miles per pupil. The average per pupil was 1 mile which meant that the overall amount was 82 miles. The trophy was in an iceberg shape because we were helping to save the polar bears by not polluting the planet by using cars. Cars make the exhaust fumes that melt icebergs which make the polar bears die because they have no food.

By Lara and Madeline.