Sea Life!

On Wednesday the 23rd of March the Sea Life Centre came to St Mary’s. They did sections with P4, 5, 6, 7 then P1, 2, 3. They told us all about Predators and Prey and the circle of animals. Then they told us about pollution in the sea and what causes it. We learnt that the main causes are oil, grease, acid and soap, and that this kills a lot of animals but we also kill animals by dropping litter. Fish can get caught in juice cans and plastic bags and sometimes animals can think that litter is food. Then we got to hold and feel some starfish, crabs and a fish known as the Mermaids hair brush whose real name is the sea urchin.

Did you know we have a right that relates to sea life? It is that we have the right to eat and drink good food and water but we also have a responsibility not to litter. We all had a great time and also learned a lot of things. 

By Niamh and Victoria.