Sports Day 2016


This year’s sports day was at the Queen Victoria School. This year the Scottish weather did put a little Picture2dampener on it because it was raining so we had to go inside. However, that didn’t stop us going for gold! To start Sports Day the whole School did a dance that we had been working on for a while which followed the theme of the Olympic games in Rio.

After we did the dance we all started on sports day. There were many activities such as high jump, long jump, javelin, sprinting, hurdles, running course, relay races, beanbag throwing and the house captains made a life size version of Hungry Hippos. They went on a skateboard with a pillow on top and they had to lie on the pillow with a basket. Then the rest of the house pushed them out and in and the house captains had to collect balls and whoever had the most balls at the end of the game wins.

At the end of Sports Day we were all gathered in the hall and some pupils were chosen for a sportsmanship award. In P7 Rory won, in P6 Ben won, in P5 Jade won, in P4 Leo won, in P3 Julia won, in P2 Tom won and in P1 Finn won.

Well done to everyone for making the afternoon such a brilliant time!

By Martha (P7)Picture1