St Mary’s Gets 2nd Green Flag!!

On Friday the 5th of November the Eco Schools Inspectors came to St. Mary’s to see if we were worthy of a second Green Flag. First they checked around our playground for litter and general tidiness.  They then came into the school and visited our classrooms.

The Eco Committee did a power-point presentation in P6/7 about everything that the school houses plan to do over the next year, how much another green flag would mean to us, how proud we would be to have one and what we do as school to help the environment.  After the power-point, the inspectors looked around the display boards about what each house has done over the last couple of years.  They also asked each house about what they had done, what they had learned, what they were going to do and why. 

Once they had been around all the classrooms we took them up to the staff room so that they could ask the us questions about things that we do and how we do them within the school – like rotas, how we display our information and anything else that they didn’t get from the boards.

After lunch, Mrs Hewitt got THE phone call and she was very happy.  After Zumba she went on the stage and told everyone.  The whole school just shouted, “YEAH!!!”

By Madeline, Stuart and Jack, P6/7