St Mary’s Amazing Sharing Assembly:)

On Thursday the 4th of February all the pupils In St Mary’s gathered in the church hall to have an assembly where the parents could see their children perform songs with their class. There were also people who played musical instruments and there were also the poetry competition winners and they performed too!

The P7 class performed did drumming on chairs while doing a Scots poem. It was very unique and everyone enjoyed it. The P5/6 class did the whole of the Skye boat song which is eight verses long and managed to memorise the whole thing in one week! However the P3/4 class were playing handbells and were singing going home to Dunblane and everyone was very impressed with their beautiful singing voices. Then we had P1/2 singing Mama will you buy me a…!

We even had the mindstormers doing a song that they did in their presentation at the competition. It was a song that was giving us a message that excess packaging is a really big problem in our world. They started off with Madeleine Starting off with an impeccable solo when everyone started join in after that it was time for the assembly to finish. We hope that everyone who came was very entertained and proud of their children!