Superb Summer Show!

On the 6th and 7th June the Primary 4-7s had their Summer Show, Go for Gold! The show is about an athlete called Suzie Swift who is undecided whether she should compete in the Olympic Games. Suzie, her family and her trainer are taken back in time to 557BC where they see ancient Greeks from Sparta and Athens. The Swift family also find out about the ancient Olympics. They see some of the Greek Gods including Zeus the king of all gods who made an appearance by doing a rap, they also saw Hera, Zeus’s wife and all there children. Then they see Hades trying to get the Olympic Games cancelled, he does this by trying to get the Spartans and Athenians to fight each other. In the end the Olympic Games go on and they continue for thousands of years later. After seeing these flashbacks she makes her decision and competes in the Olympic Games.
The primary 4-7s have been rehearsing very hard since before the Easter Holidays practising the songs and all the acting. All their hard work has paid off. Ailsa says” It has been fun acting with others.” Harriet says “It has been great fun and all the hard work paid off.” Some of the audience gave us comments, Lucie Hendry said she loved the scene when Milo was lifting the cow. Gabrielle said “It was funny when Kirsty kept popping out asking if any wanted a cup of tea.” Fergus said “I like the scene with the gods in it”. The teachers enjoyed it too. Miss Hughes said “it was funny when Hades did his evil laugh.” Everyone’s hard work has paid off, and we all really enjoyed rehearsing and doing the final shows. It was a really good show and everyone enjoyed it.
We would like to thank everyone who made this show possible, so thank you to Mrs Hewitt, Mrs Currie, Mrs Cassells, Mrs Paterson, Mrs Lockwood and Miss Hughes who made this all possible. So Go for Gold!!!!
By Carrie and Harriet