Are you into tennis? Well if you are this blog article will serve you an ace!

 Aahhhhh watch out for the ba… ouch that’s gonna leave a mark!


Oh where was I? The P5/6 and P3/4 were lucky enough to get to play tennis! They have a kind coach and had good fun crazily running round hitting the balls with their racket… there were a few injuries but that’s not what we are focusing on.

They played a warm up when you had two balls on a racket and you had to run around and get other peoples balls (it was really hard, harder than it sounds). Everyone used tactics (a.k.a cheating…hiding balls up their sweater and carrying them around,well, I call it strategies!) Then we got split into pairs and played a rally. People were good and I have to admit cheating….I mean strategies, really helped!

 Ouch, ok, who threw that!?

 Sorry that’s all folks I need to go tell off whoever is responsible for all this ball throwing, probably Primary 5/6 or Primary 3/4: they were the ones having the lessons!


By Victoria (P6) and Gabriella (P5)

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