The David Marshall Lodge P5/6

P1080277Ever wanted to go to the 100 Acre Wood? Well on Tuesday the 11th of May P1, 5, 6 and the nursery children did.

Everyone got to play Poohsticks and build a den for Eeyore.

All the P5/6’s had a bus buddy from the nursery or p1 and sat next to them on the bus and played with them.

When they were there we went looking for bees and plants that bees like, we were also looking for pompom bees in the trees, we stopped to do fun activities ever so often such as building dams, hobbit holes and going in a bird watching hide.

In the afternoon the weather was really hot so we went paddling in the river by the waterfall and had fun but got very wet.



By Murdo and Catriona.