The Little Fir Tree

This year the Christmas show was called the Little Fir Tree.

The main character was the Little Fir Tree. She was growing in a forest. First the tall evil trees laughed at her because she was so small. Then children came to play in the forest. The rain came down and fell on the trees. The snow fell down and the P4s played the triangles. There was another song called Sunlight.

Ben played a woodcutter. He came along and chopped the little tree down. He carried the Little Fir Tree away to a large building then the woodcutter stood the Little Fir Tree in a corner .

Then nurse Hannah told the true story of Christmas to the children in hospital.

Mary (played by Livia) and Joseph (played by Finn) came to the front of the stage and sat down and then they sang ‘Jesus’. After that the Shepherds came and after the Shepherds came the Wise-men came and gave Jesus some presents. Then we all sang ‘Everybody Has Something to Live For’ and the Little Fir Tree realised that she didn’t have to be big to be important!

By Rosie and Lucas (P2) and Ronja (P3)