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The Tolbooth!

On the 14th of March the whole school went to the Tolbooth in Stirling. They went to see the P1 and P2/3 sing songs in Scots language. They were all brilliant at singing. The most popular song that everybody laughed at was called “Marry Arry Arry.” Which was about a boy asking a girl if she would marry him and she kept saying “no” until he offered her all his money? And she actually said “yes!”

The p1s 2s and 3s couldn’t sing all the time. So there was a band which played really nice folk music, they even got us involved with the chorus. At the end there was a prize giving which was for the picture competition and the prizes were either a CD from the band or a Scottish book.

Everybody had a great time and enjoyed themselves a lot. Lots of parents came along to watch too.  Some of us even have the songs stuck in our heads.

By Ramsay Sewell