Think Dance!

P6/7 have had an exciting past few weeks when Angela Hunter came to the school to give the senior pupils dance workshop sessions. The workshops are called “Think Dance” and every Wednesday P6/7 make their way down to the hall to practice and learn new dance skills. They were told to choreograph a dance on the theme of detectives – a robbery scene and an investigation scene. The dances will be performed at the Macrobert along with a lot of other schools and their performances. So far everyone has come up with their robbery dance in groups of about 7 or 8, and after Christmas everyone will join together to design the investigation dance/drama. Incorporated in these dances are lifts, rolls, cartwheels, jumps and much more… Everyone is really enjoying it and can’t wait to get on stage and receive their free t- shirt personalised to St.Mary’s.
Here is what the class thought…
Olly: “Think Dance is great fun and I am really looking forward to the performance”
Eve: “I enjoy choreographing sequences with my friends and learning all the lifts and rolls.”
Ruby: “I really enjoyed working with my friends, and the dance is really taking shape”
Everybody is having a great time doing “Think Dance”, and has improved loads since we started.
by Sophie P