Track & Field Event

The track and field event was held on the 2nd June, at Stirling University’s track and field. The primary sevens went along, accompanied by two of the primary sixes to complete the boy’s team. Previously we had held races to see who was the best competitor in the different categories, the results had shown that two primary six boys had to fill in to make up a team, and three primary seven girls made up our cheerleading team.

Unfortunately the day before event Sophie H was not able to participate. Therefore we brought in Pearl as our substitute so that we had the right amount of runners.

We arrived by mini-bus at the University and set up the parasol that Mrs. Hewitt had kindly lent us. It was very useful in the heat and the other schools kept giving us jealous looks. We had to wait for about half an hour before there was any action on our behalf.

Then the races began.  We entered javelin, 80 metre sprint, 100 metre sprint, 600 metre sprint and the long jump. We had to have a boy’s team and a girl’s team. We entered the races knowing that, being one of the smallest schools out of the 24 that entered, there was a slim chance that we would come out on top. We tried our best and in the end although we didn’t receive any medals we all did really well in our heats. The boys relay team came third, Sophie R-K came second in the 600m, Alice and Dugal came ninth and second respectively in the javelin, Rachel came first in the 150m,  Pearl came fourth 80m, Jamie came fourth in the 800m, The girls relay team were fourth and Josh and Louise did very well in the long jump.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a great time

By Rachel