Walk In The Wonderful Wood


The Banaboocha in full glory

In the Glen Finglas forest P5/6 met lots of magical creatures on a learning journey expedition about the plants and wonders of the wood. Luckily they were friendly…

Primary 5/6 had just arrived and were trekking through the woods on a slightly overgrown stone path when one of the rangers suddenly said, “Stop! There’s some Rowan berries growing on that bush!” The other ranger informed everyone that Rowan berries are extremely magical because the top of them where the stalk joins is in the shape of a star. Everything in the forest with a star shape is magic! So Primary 5/6 decided to pick a few and then they set off again into the thick of the woods. 10 seconds later they noticed a tree hopper up a tree and marvelled at the song he was making with his fiddle. They shouted at him and when he saw them he almost fell off his branch!

He told them where they could find Granny Lichen who was another creature of the woods so the children ran off to find Granny. They trekked around the forest finding more tree hoppers on the way until they eventually found the Banaboocha! The Banaboocha is a forest spirit but is rarely seen by humans. It is the magic of the forest! The Banaboocha handed them a magic potion made from all the edible plants and mushrooms of the forest and they added it to some tea for everyone to drink. However, only after everyone managed to get a tree hopper friend out of a tall tree! When the boys and girls were eating apples, they discovered that apples also have a magical star in them when they are cut in half!

When asked about Glen Finglas Wood, Astrud (P5) said, “Glen Finglas Wood is enjoyable for all who are there”. Julie (P6) said that, “Glen Finglas Wood would please all. It was an amazing day!” Leo (P5) said “It was well organised but very entertaining”.

Everyone had a mystical day and would love to go back!

By Amatey (P5) and Peter (P4)