We’re going on a Bug Hunt!

6 October 2015

Continued interest in finding bugs and mini-beasts in the nursery garden led to planning a visit to the forest.  Children used a data sheet to recognise and record the bugs that live there.  We used our previous knowledge to investigate where to find slugs, spiders, millipedes, worms and caterpillars.

We are gentle with living things, so we looked at them carefully and then returned them to their original habitat.

“Millipedes, they live under bark” – Murray

“I’m digging deep to find worms” – Jack

“I found a caterpillar, it was green” – Joseph

We enjoyed eating our snack on a large log, then we used a tarpaulin to make a shelter to sit underneath, where we sang our favourite bug songs.  “I’m picking up my baby bumble bee”, “There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden”, “The ants went marching two by two” and “There’s a tiny caterpillar on a leaf”.

DSCN3743IMG_8147 IMG_8160DSCN3719