Wildlife Crime…

On the 20th of May a Wildlife Crime Officer came to talk to p1, p4/5 and p6/7. He told us about snares and traps.  Gamekeepers set snares to catch foxes and badgers. The gamekeeper puts a snare down to catch the fox by its neck. Usually there is a stopper so the fox does not get strangled. Larson traps are to catch birds like crows and magpies. The trap is metal with a bird in the middle of the cage and the other two sides are    traps. The bird comes down and sits on the perch but it is cut in half so it can’t take its weight and falls in and the door shuts and the bird gets trapped. Then the gamekeeper comes and dismisses of it. Also if you are walking in the countryside you may see a stink pit of the deceased animals in a pile and there are snares around it.

If you ever come around a Larson trap don’t touch it because   there will be a tag on it with the local police number on it. If you are concerned about the trap you can call the wildlife crime officer. Here is the central Scotland police number. Stirling, Bannockburn, Bridge of Allan and Dunblane (01786 456000)

By David