Zoo Lab Visit!

On the Friday the 20th of April zoo lab came to talk about different subjects. Primary 1 and 4/5 learned about habitats of animals and the p6/7 learned about the rainforest. Primary 1and 4/5 all really enjoyed holding the animals. They got to hold a snake, giant African land snail, rats but they couldn’t hold the tree frog because the oils in are hands would burn the frogs skin. (the frog was called Tub Tub) In primary 6/7 Ross talked to us about what we would need to survive in the rainforests, each table had to chose a machete, flare gun, mosquito net, mirror, lighter and rope after that you had to chose what you would do if you came up against a jaguar. After that you had to a choose what camp design you would have. Then to finish off we had to choose what was the animal that killed the most people each year? The answer was the mosquito.

Every one in the school really enjoyed the talk from zoo lab and learnt a lot from Ross.

By Hamish G.