For our Active Afternoon on a Friday the whole school has been doing Zumba since the start of term. We have been doing it in the hall with the Zumba instructor, Diana, and she shows us what to do. Everyone has had lots of fun and really enjoyed it.       We asked some people what they thought about Zumba;

Catriona p1 said, “It’s healthy but you get hot and you need a drink. I would like to do   something like it again.”

Ruaridh p1 said, “It’s very fun and I like the lady.” 

Izzy p2 said, “The Zumba lady was funny, I would like to do it again, I like the music.”

Archie p3 said, “It is healthy, I like doing it with my friends. I like the way parents came in do it with us.”

Alban p4 said, “I like it because you do it to music and I also like it because I can do it with my friends.”

Carry p5 said, “It is healthy and I would like to do something like it again, but you get hot and thirsty.”

Rosie p6 said, “I liked watching Molly trying to dance.”

On the last week of Zumba all of our parents came in to do it with us. Everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed it. We were all sad when it finished because we liked it so much.

By Niamh and Lara, P7