Library Review
By Robert, Michael, and Kitty

As of 23-08-05 the St. Mary’s library system changed.

We have in place a new computerised library system called the “DEWEY DECIMAL” system, this allows us to catalogue books according to their genre and use barcodes to log in and log out books. This differentiates from the old system in that we don’t have to use hard copy for record purposes.

We also have had new books put in to our library and old ones removed giving pupils a wider choice in what they read and making the library much more popular to everyone in school. We have a rota for the monitors to go up and tidy the books and help other pupils to take out or return books. 

There has also been a radical change in our reading scheme, we used to use the “Ginn”  reading and work books which were not popular with pupils and not good quality to write on. We now use comprehension jotters to enhance our reading skills and write book reviews on the new “Junior Librarian” software. Since this change has been introduced pupils have been reading a lot more books and enjoying comprehension a lot more.

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