The Web Site Editorial Team After-school Club, June 2005

In January 2005 the Web Site Editorial Team was set up to work on the school web site.
Now the club has finished for the summer, here's what the team have to say about it:

"Being on the website editorial team is great fun! We help update the website by putting on pictures and writing about things that have been happening in the school and Dunblane area then putting them on the website. My job on the team has been features editor, that means I write about special features that have been happening like when we got a new head teacher, and I made anagrams of everybodyís names in the club."
(Alex, P6)

"My time in the editorial team has been great. I have had a lot of experiences which have been things like taking photos and writing articles and drawing pictures. I have had a fabulous time with all the people I have been working with, theyíve been great. I have learnt lots of new things like putting pictures or a piece of writing on the computer. I was assigned the job of news editor. I chose all the colours for the St. Maryís website and chose pictures and wrote articles. My teacher, Chris, was a lot of fun and he taught me a lot of things and assigned me jobs. I will miss being in the editorial team and I will miss all the people who were in it since Iím going to high school after the summer. So I would like to thank Chris for taking the team on and picking me."
(Emma, P7)

"Hi, my job in the Editorial Team was Classwork Editor. We have to write about what happened in the school and take pictures of what all the classes have done. Like when our new head teacher took over and the cross country run and a lot more. For being part of the editorial team what you need is: Brains, Good typing skills, Good ideas"
(Fabian, P7)

"Being on the website editorial team is great fun because you get to do lots of interesting things including taking pictures to make the website look good. The teacher named Chris is great because he is really funny and makes sure you have a good time. My experiences in the website editorial team have been great! My team mates have been great fun and we have enjoyed working together. It has been great to be able to come up and work on the website so itís got up to date news. My job on the website has been features editor."
(Georgia, P6)

"Hello, My job in the editorial team was Classwork Editor. We have been going to different classrooms and taking pictures of the work everyone has been doing."
(Ian, P7)

"Hello, My name is Jamie. I am the one who does lots of notes and in the editorial team I learnt that some people arenít allowed to get their picture taken. The website editorial team is really good and I think you would enjoy being in it."
(Jamie, P7)

"Being in the editorial team has been a really fun time because I was with my friends and a really good teacher called Chris who is really fun!! I was a features editor and we played a lot of games on the computers."
(Lucinda, P6)

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