Body Workshop

On Friday the 10th of February, p1-3 and p4-7 were given a presentation about the body and how it works. There was different experiments to show us how it works in a more fun and interesting way. Although there were a lot of disgusting parts in it, it was very good at teaching us how and what our body does. We got shown where our wind pipe is in our throat and where our lungs are. Then we got told how people’s hearts beat at different speeds depending on what age you are. We learnt where our stomach is and how it expands. We were also shown some clips of a camera going down a guy’s throat and in his stomach. Though this got some people feeling sick it was quite cool! Then we got shown a demonstration of a plastic bag (which was the stomach) and food was being put into it to show us how the stomach expands throughout the day. Overall this was a great learning experience for us all.


Written by the media group