Healthy Tuck Shop

Healthy tuck shop is back. They have a new coupon system where every time someone comes to tuck shop and spends 50p every time you buy one or two items you get a dot filled in. When you get the five coloured in you get one item free. Tuck shop is every Tuesday. The snacks are fruit, humous, salsa, carrot sticks, bread sticks, strawberry, fresh fruit, breakfast bars, trail mix, popcorn every five weeks and much more. The healthy tuck shop is in p5/6.

By Chiara and Maisie

Food Revolution Day


To round off our Food For Fitness Focus our whole school participated in the worlds largest cooking lesson. All of our children recieved a free apron and chefs hat, which they wore as they all created their own rainbow wrap.

Sporting the Rood Revolution Aprons

Sporting the Rood Revolution Aprons











Rainbow-salad-wrap-UK celebrate this year’s Food Revolution Day, Jamie Oliver lead the biggest-ever live cooking lesson and we all joined in. We learned to make his tasty, nutritious rainbow salad wrap,


Food for Fitness Festival

FOOD for FITNESS FESTIVALp12 food for fitness 001
Jamie and Judy Murray open our Food for Fitness Festival

On Monday 12th May our whole school proudly hosted our first ever food for fitness festival.The day was a resounding success and was a wonderful celebration of learning, partnerships and community relationships



One of our Commonwealth Country displays


Serving Judy Murray at our healthy tuck shop


Enjoying our displays, Fiona Bell and Kerry Chriton from Education Scotland


Can’t Cook , Won’t CookWhat will you create


Come and have a go. St Mary’s children making best use of the Micro Fitness equipment


Primary 1/2 sharing their learning from our learning conetxt food for thought


Royal Highland Education Trust Exhibiting at the festival


Interviewing some of our guests, are they enjoying our festival?


Alban Sayer shares the learning from Primary 7 as part of their food and nutrition in sport project


Judy Murray examines, what our nursery have learned as part of their food project


Chef to impress


And the winner is…


Leo and Liam our Can’t Cook won’t cook gold medal winners


The winning dish.


The water cycle dance performed by Primary 3/4 and enjoyed by many guests


A thank you for our celebrity judges


Zumbatomic.. our food for fitness finale


Judy Murray Enjoys our Festival p34 food for fitness 007 p34 food for fitness 034 p34 food for fitness 038 p34 food for fitness 079 p34 food for fitness 085 p34 food for fitness 073 p34 food for fitness 105 p56 food for fitness 008 p56 food for fitness 015 p56 food for fitness 018 p56 food for fitness 031

Playground Rubric

Here is the Playground Rubric document, created by P6/7 in June 2012 and updated by the Health Committee in November 2012:

Playground Rubric Document

Health Committee Annual Review

In 2012-2013 the Health Committee have worked together to do the following:

• We chose one global and one local charity to support – Comic Relief and Guide Dogs for the Blind.
• We had a snack survey to see the choices pupils were making with their snacks and we contacted a local greengrocers to get prices for fruit to consider having a healthy snack day.
• We made an ICT charter for the computer suite to remind people about their rights and responsibilities when using computers.
• We redid the Lunch Hall charter as the other one went missing
• We tried to organise a new playground rota, to include new games like Handball but it didn’t really work. The Peer Supporters have taken over the role of creating a new one.
• We are really proud to have organised the first ever Highland Games at St. Mary’s to celebrate our Scottish Culture and this was held on Burns Day. We hope to have another one.
• We organised a fun day to raise money for Comic Relief. We made a joke book and sold it to pupils and asked pupils to donate money to come to school in red clothes. We raised awareness of this by doing an assembly for the nursery and then another assembly for the whole school. We raised £252.01!
• We looked at and amended a playground rubric which we plan to launch to the school in May 2013
• We will also be helping organise Sports Day and we plan to have a special sponsored event to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Plans for the future
• We want to do another snack survey to see if the school is healthier or not!
• We want to provide the classes with more information about the importance of healthy snacks.
• We would love to do another Highland Games.
• Keep sharing information about Rights and being a Rights Respecting School (possibly a special Rights event)
• Create a Health Award (linked to playground or lunch hall behaviour?)
• Develop Playground Rubric
• More input from Active Stirling, especially for playground games.

Our views on our committee
Everybody has worked together really hard and given lots of exceptional ideas, some of which we have taken forward. It has been really worthwhile and we are proud of what we have achieved. We would recommend keeping the number of meetings (once a week) the same for next year, as we always have loads to do! The only thing we would try to change would be the time because it would be nice to have more ideas from the nursery. It would also be good to have a Health suggestion box in each class so that everybody can make suggestions, even if they’re not on the committee. It is great that pupils run the committees because it’s a good experience and they have loads of great ideas but it is also important to have the adults helping us to make our ideas happen.

Alban Sayers (P6), Eve Tarvit (P6) and Fraser Barrell (P6)

Cross Country Competitions!

P5-7 are starting the cross country club again. This will be starting on the 10th of January. Mrs White will be in charge of coaching and leading the pupils to events in the near future.
The group of enthusiastic pupils are now training twice a week. Everyone in the club has been training extremely hard to do their best in the upcoming competitions at the Laighills. Their first training session was on the first Thursday back from the winter holiday and Mrs White and the helpers said we did very well and are going to do well in the competition. Primary 5 will mix in with the primary 6/7 race because they are in the cross country club.
Everybody in the cross country club is looking forward to competitions and are hoping to achieve their personal bests.
By George and Lizzie

Tim Baillie visits St Mary’s!

On the 6th of December Olympic gold medallist Tim Baillie visited St Mary’s assembly. He gave us a talk about what it was like being an Olympic athlete and he let us touch his gold medal!

After his presentation I interviewed him about his Olympic career and the ups and downs he had.

Have you ever had any injuries?

“Yes, a lot, a broken collarbone, a dislocated kneecap, torn abdominal muscles and lots more.”

What do you do nowadays?

“Things like this, going round to schools, training. That’s pretty much it.”

When did you start the sport?

“My parents were keen canoeists and they put me in a canoe and let me float there”

Will you be in the next Olympics or the next Commonwealth Games?

“No, we’ve not decided yet if we’ll be in either of them. We’ll be in the world championships in Prague though.”

The whole school loved and were transfixed by his talk.

by Lizzie, P7





Skiing Success!

On the 26th October Hamish, Archie, Laura, Duncan, Dugald, Murdo and Molly set off to Tillicoultry for a school skiing competition. Other primary and secondary schools from around Stirling also competed. It was pretty cold in the morning. There were a lot of people there. They all participated in a long warm up before the competition started. When the races started it was really exciting! The pupils were separated into two teams called “Slick St.Mary’s” and “St.Mary’s Superstars”. We had to do a slalom against another team (dual slalom) The first team came third overall out of all the schools there, they qualified for the finals in the primary category in Glasgow on 12th November. Everybody was extremely proud of the bronze medals they won and everyone really enjoyed developing their skiing skills. Murdo said “it was really fun and it was 10 out of 10!” Archie, Hamish, Sophie and Dugald got through to the Glasgow finals and got 4th place – they did very well.

We interviewed Dugald and he said he felt proud and so did Molly.

By Archie and Charles and Alex P

Cool Kevin Visit!

On the 12th of September one of Scotland’s finest wheelchair tennis players Kevin Simpson visited St.Marys. He talked about his life changing injury and how he qualified for the Beijing Olympics 2008. He brought a wheelchair, a tennis wheelchair and some of his trophies. He really inspired all us of to overcome all of our challenges and to rise to them. It all started off when he saw a boy in a wheelchair with a tennis racquet on his lap and he said “how on earth are you going to play tennis in a wheelchair?” and the boy said he played wheelchair tennis at his local club and that inspired him to go and try it out. He found it difficult at first but he just got better and better until he qualified for the Beijing Paralympics. He also competed in world cups and lots of other competitions. Sadly he didn’t qualify for London 2012 because when he was flying to America to qualify his wheelchair snapped in half on the plane journey. But he is going to coach team GBR at Rio de Janeiro 2016.
He all really inspired us!
By Archie, Niall and George

Healthy Start!

For the first three weeks of term the whole school focussed on a Healthy start. This was a great way to start the year as we finished off last term learning all about the Olympics and their values and we now started the year learning about the Paralympics and their values too.
Over the first few weeks we had amazing opportunities to try out various sports, such as Boccia, blind football, sitting volleyball, swimming and goal ball. We learned new skills and rules for these sports and also we now appreciate the hard work and dedication Paralympic athletes put in to their sport. We found the activities difficult to do when we were participating. We used blindfolds, were not allowed to use our legs and even tried swimming without the use of one or two of our limbs.
At the end of the three weeks we had a sports day. It was to use the skills we have learnt over the past few weeks. We were in our houses for the fun sports competitions which was a mini Paralympics day, making use of skills we have built up in the past few weeks.
By Sophie