Kilbryde global goals

Kilbryde are doing global goals 3, 5, 10 and 16.

Number 3 is researching good health and wellbeing. Number 5 is researching gender equality. Number 10 is focusing on reduced inequalities. Number 16 is researching peace and justice.

Marvellous Media Group

We have started a new term here at St Mary’s and have changed committee groups. Kilbryde have taken over the Media group and we are going to update the twitter page weekly. We are also making an achievements page on the school website.
By Julie & Neil

Kilbryde House News

Kilbryde – Energy & Water

This year Kilbryde house has taken on a new responsibility – energy and water. We have made some changes. We are having house mornings every 1st Friday of the month instead of house meetings every Friday.

In November a lady called Emily came in to talk about reducing our carbon footprint

And she gave us some energy CDs and we got to play on them it was really fun.

Emily also gave us the carbon cutter plan which is a plan about how to reduce your carbon emissions and what we should be focussing on every month.

Kilbryde made Christingles for carols in the garden and we sang songs

And we got hot chocolate it was DELICIOUS!

A few weeks ago a lady called Anne Sherlaw came to talk to us about energy

And we watched a DVD called Energy Aunt. It was an informative DVD, and after

that we played a game of energy saving monopoly.

We went on a walk looking for good uses and bad uses of electricity we found load of each and we used up our own energy by walking.

Over the last few weeks we have been playing about with the green zone CDs and the workbooks they are environmental leaning resources for kids.

We elected our new house captains for 2010 are Erin & Aidan They had to do a speech to say what they would do for our house.

Plans for Next Year
We are also trying to organise a walk or cycle to school day with sustainable Dunblane by doing this we will be raising awareness to not cause pollution by using cars, and it is better for us to keep fit and healthy.

By Sophie and Fraser [House Captains]

Kilbryde House News

The first thing we did on our house morning was electing our new house captains we all voted and next years house captains are Aidan and Erin. They will do as much as they can to help our house.

Next we went on a walk looking for good uses and bad uses of energy we found loads of each and we had a nice walk using up our own energy, we all had lots of fun.

Last we  had a talk from Kelly from Carbon Neutral Stirling , she showed us loads of way to reduce our carbon footprint by travelling efficiently we even had a demonstration  using toy cars a cardboard road and play dough it was really fun.


Kilbryde House Eco Morning

Kilbryde house had a house morning on the 4th of December. Our activity in this house morning was to make pomanders. Pomanders are large oranges that we stuck cloves into they also had red, green or white. We all had great fun doing this activity but that wasn’t it after this we made an eco tree first we drew round our hands on paper then cut them out and stuck them in the shape of a Christmas tree with mottos we would do over the holiday to do with saving energy. Everyone had a great time and can’t wait for the next one.

Kilbryde’s House Morning

On the 2nd October ’09 Kilbryde House had a house morning. We first listened to Grace Conner talking about how to read the meters when the p1 to 3 were drawing pictures. After listening to Grace we had snacks and then we went down to the hall to do some energy P.E. We had four corners – On one corner we had to make wind by skipping, in the next corner we did some balancing as the sun balances in the sky, the electricity corner was hoola hoops and the water corner was you had to slide across the bench and jump off the bench and land in a good position to do a cartwheel.

Reading the meter

Reading the meter