Polar Life

Our New Context for Learning will be Polar life, this is based on children’s current and on-going interests.

Nursery’s Activities

This week, the nursery have been re-building their igloo (Milk Bottles) since people have been kicking the ball into it and winds have been blowing it about. So they brought it inside and re-built it. They also made a role-play café in there home corner. Some abstract art took to their walls and the nursery children got all excited when they found out that their new topic was food! They are going to be learning where food comes from and why we need it. 



By Millie, Julie and Hannah


Oh, help! Oh, no! It’s The St. Mary’s Gruffalo Show!

The St. Mary’s Gruffalo Show

Writing the script …

Jack, Frieda, Molly, Elodie and Julika volunteered to be part of a Literacy Group to  develop and write the script for the Gruffalo show.

Thinking about characters … demonstrating how Mouse might feel on meeting Fox for the first time in the forest.

                                     Molly demonstrating sly Fox.


Rehearsing our roles …

The children learned their lines, where to position themselves on stage, when they should talk and  how a stage performance is created and performed using music, microphones and lighting.







Practising dance routines …

We did lots of practising!




Creating scenery ….

The children designed and created most of the scenery for the show.  The children made ‘skirts’ for their chairs which they then decorated, as well as making flowers to decorate the front of the stage.






Making costumes ….

The children helped to create and decorate some of their own costumes, discussing colours and drawing designs for costumes, cutting out fabrics, painting petals …








Making props ….

The children helped to decorate a large tree for the forest, brilliantly created for us by Mr. Kelly, a Nursery parent.  The children worked as a team to create ‘the nut’ using a balloon and papier- mache, before painting it.







Advertising our show …

Our show poster – designed by the children and very kindly produced for us by Arthur’s Dad.  The children decided we needed to have a programme for the audience and discussed what should be included in it.









Getting ready for the big day …

Costumes and make-up – assisted by our wonderful parents and helpers.









The BIG performance!

We learned to say ‘break a leg’ to wish each other luck before a performance!












Outdoor Learning

Over the past weeks we have enjoying regular visits to to local forest. The nursery children have contributed to the planning of these sessions.  This includes: activities to do, having a snack, free choice to run around, climb trees, bug hunt and putting up a shelter to have a rest area.  Now that we are familiar with the area we are planning to take a small fire bowl and toast marshmallows.


All about growing …

Following on from our dinosaurs context, when we learned about how dinosaurs evolved and then became extinct, the children are interested in finding out about how things grow and change. Following consultation, the children identified some things they would like to find out:

“A caterpillar going into a butterfly.” Murray

“Looking after babies.”  Molly

“Flowers.”  Eva

“Skeletons, they are our bones.”  Frieda

“Buds in trees.”  Jack

“The new bridge over the Laighills.” Ishbel

The children have been learning how to bathe, change and feed a baby doll.







They are also interested in how babies change and grow into adults.  The children have been bringing in photographs of themselves as babies with their birth weight and height, and we have been measuring how these have changed since birth.









We have also been learning about the life cycles of plants and we created a collage of the life cycle of a sunflower together.








Dinosaurs in the Nursery!

DSCN7015_01 DSCN7758The nursery have been learning about dinosaurs and all the different types of dinosaurs. To carry on the project they started to learn about fossils, and how they get preserved over time. They decided to do a dinosaur dig in the sand pit and see how many dinosaurs they could get. Then they invited Mrs Holmes to do a bit of yoga with them. Then they decided to paint some dinosaurs to finish the project.
By Tom, Rhys and HatDSCN7691tie

Robert Burns Celebration

On Monday the 25th January the nursery children celebrated with a Burns Supper “because it’s Robert Burns’ Birthday”. -Ishbel

Charlotte said “We’re eating haggis”, Frieda added “neeps” and Molly said “mashed potato”. “The haggis tasted good.” said Harris.

Outside we looked for the Loch Ness Monster during a number pebble treasure hunt. Frieda said “Hunting, we had to hunt Nessie”.

We have been learning some Scottish songs – “Coulters Candy”, “Three Craws”, “Ye Cannae Shuv Yer Granny Aff A Bus” and “Heid, Shooders, Shanks and Taes”. We’ve also been enjoying Scottish Stories such as, “The Gruffalo’s Wean”, “No Such Thing as Nessie”, “Rabbie’s Rhymes” and “Katie’s Coo”.

We also celebrated Jerome’s Birthday.









Last term, the nursery had been going to the library for some books and were learning how things change, like the seasons and the trees.
The nursery have had some changes in the room. The nursery have a new helper in the room helping them.
Mrs Pearson is the new senior in the nursery and we now have Mrs Polatajko.
The nursery have cabbage white caterpillars and some of them have turned into cocoons.
The Nursery have been making mud soup in the mud kitchen. They wrote letters to Santa and they made bird seed pinecones for the Christmas fair which were very popular. For their Christmas pantomime trip, they went to the MacRoberts to see Robin.
By Lucy and Madeleine


We’re going on a Bug Hunt!

6 October 2015

Continued interest in finding bugs and mini-beasts in the nursery garden led to planning a visit to the forest.  Children used a data sheet to recognise and record the bugs that live there.  We used our previous knowledge to investigate where to find slugs, spiders, millipedes, worms and caterpillars.

We are gentle with living things, so we looked at them carefully and then returned them to their original habitat.

“Millipedes, they live under bark” – Murray

“I’m digging deep to find worms” – Jack

“I found a caterpillar, it was green” – Joseph

We enjoyed eating our snack on a large log, then we used a tarpaulin to make a shelter to sit underneath, where we sang our favourite bug songs.  “I’m picking up my baby bumble bee”, “There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden”, “The ants went marching two by two” and “There’s a tiny caterpillar on a leaf”.

DSCN3743IMG_8147 IMG_8160DSCN3719






Nursery Expedition

This morning we took the train to Bridge of Allan.  We had a map and a GPS tracking device to help us find the way there, as we walked down towards the river, we wanted to see the cave.

The carved wooden Treasure Island seat was very interesting to look at and touch, especially the map.

Later on, we enjoyed a snack on the sandy beach by the river.  We returned to Dunblane on the train after a long and exciting expedition!

DSCN2494  DSCN2503  DSCN2515  DSCN2523