We Visited A Real Post Office

We visited a real post office. When we were there a postman spoke to us and told us what we needed to set up our post office. We made special identity cards, we painted a bright red post box and made a special area for sorting our letters.

We even designed our own stamps, for first and second class posting. The first class stamps were 5p and second class is 2p.

We think our post office is great.

By Ishbel (p1)

Primary 1/2 empty classroom day

On June 17th schools all around the UK celebrate a day called empty classroom day, where you have to leave your classroom and learn something outside.

Primary 1/2 had an exciting day today and went outside on the Darn Walk their highlights were going inside the pirate cave because it was really scary, then on the way back after a tiring adventure, Plamen found a broken golf ball and was very proud of his find.

By Izzy

p1\2 technology


Primary 2 has been learning about technology. CARS   MOTOR BIKES     COMPUTERS

BY   TOM   and   RHYS


Picture1Picture2P1/2 discovered that germs get into your body by mouth nose and cuts, some germs are good and some gems are bad. Fungus can make medicine and yogurt but they can also make you sick.
We have been learning about how things get mouldy by doing a bread and potato experiment. They were disgusting . That was yucky! They got very dirty! The bread went dark green. Some of the potatoes were pink.
By Heathar, Hannah,
Rosie and Lucas


On 8th May St Mary’s Episcopal Primary School got a chance to meet Commonwealth Clyde! Following a special Commonwealth Assembly run by the Pupil Council, Clyde, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth mascot, popped in for a visit. Clyde was accompanied by two people named Izzy and Fraser.


At the start Fraser showed the whole school a video about Clyde’s story. Clyde’s story is also in a book called ‘Captain Bristles’ Thistle’ which Clyde kindly gave to our nursery class (it was even signed by Clyde!) What the story didn’t tell us was how naughty Clyde could be – he was very mischievous during his time at our school.


After the video we played a quick game and that game was GUESS THE SPORT?? Clyde would show us a sport and we had to guess what sport Clyde was demonstrating. There was Swimming, Diving and Cycling; Everyone of us guessed correctly.


Then we got told about the Queen’s Baton Relay! The Queens Baton Relay is a baton that gets passed around all the Commonwealth countries. The exciting thing is that our head teacher Mrs White is being allowed to run with the baton…AGAIN! She also ran with the Olympic Torch! She is going to be running with it in the Stirling area in the Summer.


Before the end of the presentation, Clyde also handed out certificates to some hard-working pupils in the school. These included children who had participated in the Inspire>Aspire poster competition.   He also awarded the school a ‘Game On Scotland’ plaque to say well done for all our hard work leading up to the Commonwealth Games. We all got a whole school picture with the mascot Clyde before he had to rush off to another school. We all feel really lucky to have met Clyde and are looking forward to the Commonwealth Games even more than we were before.


By Victoria (P6)

St Mary’s winning entries to the Inspire>Aspire Competition

St Mary’s winning entries to the Inspire>Aspire Competition

Clyde being taken up to the school by willing guides

Clyde being taken up to the school by willing guides

Mrs White being presented with the Game On Scotland Award

Mrs White being presented with the Game On Scotland Award

P1/2/3 Cathedral Visit!

On Tuesday p1/2 and three went to visit the Cathedral. We had lots of fun and things to remember. We have also done pictures of the cathedral. We went up some spiral stairs to the big balcony where you could see the whole cathedral. The cathedral was built 1000 years ago for Bishop clement. There was a woman who paid £16000 to repair the roof when Edward the St took the lead of the roof for Stirling castle. After
That the roof fell in and it was like that for 300 years.

By Cameron and Jonathan

2000 Years of Dunblane!

On the 8th of January Mr Smith from the Smith Museum came in to set us a challenge. The whole school will be learning about the history of Dunblane over the last 2000 years. The children of P1/2/3 will be taking an interest in important buildings of the past. They will investigate three particular buildings of their choice. The P4/5s are learning about important people. As for the P6/7’s, they will be thinking about battle sites near Dunblane.
We all can’t wait to start as we are all very excited!
By Mia, Phoebe-Rose and Jonathan.

Hunt For Holmehill House!

P1/2/3 are going to go to Holme Hill. This is to hunt for remains of Holme Hill House as part of forest schools. They will have lots of fun exploring Holme Hill and learning new things. This is the list of things we need: a map, jacket, boots, spade, mug for juice and the first aid kit. We will be starting this on Monday the 14th January 2013.
By Gaby and Cameron.

Zoo Lab Visit!

On the Friday the 20th of April zoo lab came to talk about different subjects. Primary 1 and 4/5 learned about habitats of animals and the p6/7 learned about the rainforest. Primary 1and 4/5 all really enjoyed holding the animals. They got to hold a snake, giant African land snail, rats but they couldn’t hold the tree frog because the oils in are hands would burn the frogs skin. (the frog was called Tub Tub) In primary 6/7 Ross talked to us about what we would need to survive in the rainforests, each table had to chose a machete, flare gun, mosquito net, mirror, lighter and rope after that you had to chose what you would do if you came up against a jaguar. After that you had to a choose what camp design you would have. Then to finish off we had to choose what was the animal that killed the most people each year? The answer was the mosquito.

Every one in the school really enjoyed the talk from zoo lab and learnt a lot from Ross.

By Hamish G.                     


P1 go to the Safari Park!

On the 18th of April the P1 went to Blair Drummond Safari Park and they did A LOT!!! They all had favourite animals: Murdo said that he liked the “TIGERS” and Molly liked the tigers too! Simeon liked the “Bison”. Chiara enjoyed seeing the “Elephants,” and Jamie liked the “Turkey called Jack,” which was the name they gave the turkey that followed them to see the penguins and the meerkats. Then after they had seen all of those animals they went to the sea lion show. The sea lions were called Bella and Lola. There was also a blind sea lion who was retired. One of their favourite parts of the show was when the sea lion Lola jumped up and touched a ball that was attached to the ceiling with her nose. “They were very loud!” said Ailis. They also went on the monkey boat ride and saw a chimpanzee called Chippy. They also saw a red river hog. One of the most colourful animals that they saw was the peacock.

By Laura T