Great Scotts

We were learning about Robert the Bruce and many more amazing Scotts


P3/4 Coin Maths

P3/4 are working on Lego bar charts and coin maths. Coin maths is a type of maths which helps you with your times tables. It is part of Big Maths which is fun!
?By Josh and Phyllis?


P34 Things

P3/4 have been continuing Bricks and Blocks but have been building our own models and programing them with Lego WeDo software. They have also have been doing bar graphs that were quite challenging. The class enjoyed it.

By Sam

P3/4 Technology Topic

As you may know p3/4 are doing a robot technology topic. The Lego robots are for their mind storm project! They have had a go at programming using a ball and they tried stop the ball going in the goal using the robot. They are going to try and follow the footsteps of p5/6 who came second earlier this year! We will update you on any progress that might happen!

By Rhys and Josh

Inquisitive Icicles

P34 Jan 031 P34 Jan 036 P34 Jan 034Josh brought in some icicles to show the class. He got the Icicles from his house.

They were clean and smooth and if you held for to long they stuck to your hand.

We picked them from the trees and boshes.

They were hard so if you wonted you could write with them.

By Leo

Randolph Hill



On a cold windy day on the 21st December 2015 Primary 2-4 went to Randolph Hill. We sang to nurses and to the people who live there. We went to sing them Christmas carols and to spread some Christmas cheer.


We went with misses Kinvig We took our jackets of and chatted to the people who gave us the food. It was fun talking to them. We were talking about how we were going to sing and express ourselves when we sing. We were excited!



We sang Christmas carols ( like we wish you a

Merry Christmas and jingle bells away in a manger

Winter wonderland here we go round to Bethlehem

After singing

We said Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

by Astrud and Adéle

Vikings in P3/4


Vikings were not gentle but vicious.

Vikings were brave warriors. Vikings went to Valhalla when they were good at fighting.

Vikings lived in Sweden , Denmark and Norway.



Vikings used every weapon they could find. Some of these were;

  1. Helmet s
  2. Axes
  3. Shields
  4. SwordsPicture2
  5. Armour


Families There were some ladies who lost their husband and their babies.

Women fought as well.

Vikings liked to steal loot.

Vikings were very strong.-

Vikings liked to fight.




Vikings believed in 4 different GODS.

  1. Odin
  2. Thor
  3. Loki
  4. Freya

By Astrud, Leo, Ronja

Dangerous wasps


P3/4 have been learning about wasps. Millie brought a wasp nest in to school, she found it in her garage. It did not have any wasps in it though!


Did you know:Picture4

Wasps don’t make honey.

Wasps can be blue , purple and green.

Baby wasps are born in larvae.

Wasps are very dangerous.

Wasps chew up wood, paper and cardboard.

Wasps chew caterpillars for their babies to eat.



By Laetitia & Adele



Carol Singing at Randolph Hill

St Mary’s choir took the opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer today at Randolph Hill. Boys and girls from Primary 3-7 who are in the choir went up to sing their Christmas carols and wish everyone a very merry Christmas. It was a great morning and they all sang beautifully. Well done to everyone who took part.
Happy Christmas!

Food and Foraging

Making Dandelion Tea

Making Dandelion Tea

Tasting Our Nettle Tea

Tasting Our Nettle Tea

Working in Teams at Forest Schools

Working in Teams at Forest Schools

Reviewing Our Learning

Reviewing Our Learning