Maths Concept Poem!

Here is a video of one of our pupils reciting her Maths Concept Poem:

Walk In The Wonderful Wood


The Banaboocha in full glory

In the Glen Finglas forest P5/6 met lots of magical creatures on a learning journey expedition about the plants and wonders of the wood. Luckily they were friendly…

Primary 5/6 had just arrived and were trekking through the woods on a slightly overgrown stone path when one of the rangers suddenly said, “Stop! There’s some Rowan berries growing on that bush!” The other ranger informed everyone that Rowan berries are extremely magical because the top of them where the stalk joins is in the shape of a star. Everything in the forest with a star shape is magic! So Primary 5/6 decided to pick a few and then they set off again into the thick of the woods. 10 seconds later they noticed a tree hopper up a tree and marvelled at the song he was making with his fiddle. They shouted at him and when he saw them he almost fell off his branch!

He told them where they could find Granny Lichen who was another creature of the woods so the children ran off to find Granny. They trekked around the forest finding more tree hoppers on the way until they eventually found the Banaboocha! The Banaboocha is a forest spirit but is rarely seen by humans. It is the magic of the forest! The Banaboocha handed them a magic potion made from all the edible plants and mushrooms of the forest and they added it to some tea for everyone to drink. However, only after everyone managed to get a tree hopper friend out of a tall tree! When the boys and girls were eating apples, they discovered that apples also have a magical star in them when they are cut in half!

When asked about Glen Finglas Wood, Astrud (P5) said, “Glen Finglas Wood is enjoyable for all who are there”. Julie (P6) said that, “Glen Finglas Wood would please all. It was an amazing day!” Leo (P5) said “It was well organised but very entertaining”.

Everyone had a mystical day and would love to go back!

By Amatey (P5) and Peter (P4)

P5/6’s Empty Classroom Day

All over the UK there is something called empty classroom day.

On empty classroom day you try and get all of the classes outside of the classroom. For P5/6 we went to the Hydro to plant some wildflower seeds in the ground to make the area look nicer. One of the ways we planted the seeds was by getting some compost, made into little balls, then we put seeds into the balls and then we threw them at the ground to make the seeds and scatter compost around the area. The other way we planted them was by just digging a hole in the ground then putting seeds in the ground. At the end we found some litter and a smoke grenade.

By Murdo

P5 Bikeability

m checkIMG_0176P5 have started doing Bikeability and are being taught how to do things like an M check.  An M check is where you check your bike’s safety, checking gears and brakes and your wheels for holes, ruptures or punctures. They will be using their bikes at Newton Primary IMG_0177but to get there they have to cross roads which means they will have to learn road safety for bikes.

By Murdo

Euro Quiz Fun

On the 2nd of March P6 boys went to Bannockburn Primary school to compete in the National Euro Quiz heats. Everyone worked incredibly hard to learn as much as they could to prepare for the competition. There was 5 rounds and the end result was St Marys losing narrowly to Newton by 6 points. The team was against 6 other schools and won a certificate and water bottle for coming in Second Place and everyone was really happy that all their hard work had paid off.


Ice cream technology

vanilla_icecreamP5/6 have been attempting to create their own ice cream without using any machinery. Using only 2 plastic bags, salt, water, milk, vanilla extract and cream. The mixture failed at first so we put it in the freezer to freeze. It surprising tasted really good.

We did it for practice because p5/6 are doing a competition to make a healthy ice cream without any machinery on the spot.

After we had to write a report on what we did, what happened and why it happened and we had to draw a diagram.

By Murdo and Hattie.

Think Dance Fun!

P1070957On Wednesday the 24th of February P5/6 performed their Think Dance performance at the Macroberts Art Centre. Everyone was buzzing with excitement and couldn’t wait. Our class was first on and started the show with a bang. Their dance was all about the Jacobites and the pure sadness of war. P1070940Afterwards everyone said they wanted to do it again. Everyone was really pleased because all their hard work had paid off and Mrs Smith was relieved! Mrs Smith said “I was really proud of all of them and can’t wait to go again next year!”

By Dugald, Hattie and Rory


We Will Be Making History!

Ever wanted to see a dance about Jacobites? Well P5/6 is the place to go! Primary 5 and 6 have been creating their own think dance performance and will be going to the Macrobert near the end of February to show off their hard work.
The reason why the hard working class did their dance about Jacobites is because that was their topic when they started the dance.
We will let you know how we get on and we wish to see you there!

By Murdo and Rory.


At Newton primary school Lucy and Masie went to do some music and the school was really big! We went to the library and did a hello song with a man playing a piano. During the hello song people were picked to play the drums and we got to sit on the drums and hit lollypops. We did this knees, nose and toes thing and Mrs Reid did it too. We had to say a lie and a truth about our selves. Then we went  on the mini bus back to St Marys. By Lucy and Madeleine


Snowball Maths !

When the Primary 6s were away skiing the Primary 5s were with Mrs White outside having a snowball fight for maths! So we made some snowballs and we got a white board, a pen and made a chart saying how many times we threw a snowball and how many times we hit someone. We were split up into pairs and one person was the thrower and the other person was the target. Then after a while we would swap over then we would find out in fractions how many times we hit someone and how many times we didn’t hit someone. By Madeleine and Lucy