P7 has recently been to Dalguise and we had an amazing experience! On the Wednesday when we boarded the bus and loaded up our bags and got ready to go. After we arrived and had lunch we headed up to the dorm, Faskalli, the boys were right across the hall from the girls and next to miss Johnston-Kehoes room, she got no sleep. Our first activity was the burn walk we had to walk through freezing cold water and climb up steep and sharp rocks! Then the boys and girls split up into 2 groups, the boys went to raft building and made a successful raft but jumped off anyway! Meanwhile the girls were harnessed up and shooting down the zip line. After all that we went and messed around in our dorms then we had dinner and went to sleep.

On the next day the girls did the sensory trail whilst the boys were doing the activity courses and Sam, Murdo and Struan commando crawled through the mud and their shirts went crispy. Then the girls did the vertical challenge and the boys did the zip line. Then it was lunch, after lunch the girls did the challenge course and got muddy as well, while the boys were doing the sensory trail and Murdo went insane about fluffy things. And at the end of the day Struan got smashed into the ladder and got a bump sticking out of his head.

Then on the last day the girls built an awesome raft and did the giant swing. And the boys did the giant swing and the vertical challenge.

Overall we enjoyed it a lot and are very grateful of being given the opportunity to go.

By Murdo and Ailis (a bit)